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Are you looking for a way to work from home online?

Desktop_computerYou can learn how to work from home online.  All you need is a computer and the desire to learn and work.  The purpose of this website is to help people who would like to start making money using the vast resources of the internet.  At first it may seem overwhelming and I’m sure you started by doing research using Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other search engine.  That’s probably how you came to this site.

But first ask yourself a few questions.

Have you decided how much income you need?

  • Are you trying to replace a full time job or just earn extra money to either help with household expenses or help provide those added amenities in life.

How familiar are you with working online and on a computer?

  • Are you just a web searcher and user of say Google and perhaps Amazon, or are you proficient in building websites, promoting businesses and products?dollar-163473__180


Don’t let these questions get you nervous. 


Let’s start.  There are No Get Rich Quick Methods.  There may be scams, but let’s not go there.  Let’s concentrate on real ways to get into working online.


There are essentially two groups of people who work from home online.

  1. People have traditional jobs but instead of going to an office, their company allows them to work from home and sign into the company computer system.  The company usually provides a special computer for safety.
  2. People like me and I believe, eventually, you, who start their own online business.

Since I believe you fall into category 2, now comes the question of what kind of business can you start and operate online?

Let us help and breakdown some of the ways to make money using the internet:

  • Direct sales or marketing:  Have a product you make or buy and sell it on the internet, either on your own website or on a platform such as ebay.


  • Drop ship sales:  You buy a product or products someone else has in inventory, sell the product on your own website or on a platform such as ebay and have your supplier drop ship the item to your buyer.  You can often and preferably, sell the product before you actually buy it.  There are a number of suppliers whose network you can join, enabling you to sell their products.


  • Affiliate marketing:  You have a website on which you advertise products or a service from a company you become an affiliate of, and through a link on your website send your viewer to the appropriate site and receive a commission if it results in a sale.


You don’t have to decide exactly what business you want to want to be in now.


A common thread in having a business online is you need a website.  Again, don’t get nervous.  Building a website is easier than you think and you can learn how to do it.  You can build your own website in under an hour, for free.  Yes, that’s correct, for no cost!  Check out our page on this website How to Build a Free Website.


Now you know you can build a website yourself and for no cost.  What’s next?

Next you need to decide what your website will be on: what is your market or NICHE.  This can depend upon what interests you.  You are more likely to want to work with things you enjoy.




The How to Build a Free Website page introduced you to Wealthy Affiliate or as some refer to it Wealthy Affiliate University, because it is a teaching site.  Wealthy Affiliate will train you in picking a Niche and teach you what to do with it.  Still at this point you haven’t invested a penny, just some time.

Interesting golferMy wife and I were in the same position as you when we came across Wealthy Affiliate.  I had been to other sites but this one was different.  Instead of leaving me hanging, I actually learned how to build a website and, in fact, this is my second site.  My first site is about golf, my true passion.  If you want to see what kinds of things you can do, check it out at I’m an Amateur GolferAfter going through initial lessons and building a SiteRubix website, we decided to go Premium.  A month or so later, we went yearly and do not regret either.  We also decided to start with Affiliate Marketing.  We didn’t have a product to sell ourselves and were not ready to get into the Drop Shipping business.  We felt we wanted to learn more and to be honest, did not want to risk a lot of money.


You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate on our page titled Our Recommendation.




I hope I have given you enough information and intrigued you enough to say Let’s Give it a Try.

Check it out, you have absolutely nothing to lose and knowledge to gain.

It is free to try.  Wealthy Affiliate is so confident you will like their lessons, web building tools and web hosting they let you use the basics at no charge.

Oh, and as a bonus, you will meet online and interact with a huge network of like minded people.  These entrepreneurs share experiences and are willing to help solve any problems you run into.  It is a world wide network of hundreds of thousands of people.  Of course, I will be happy to help or answer any questions you have.


Go on, CLICK HERE, Give it a try.  You won’t be sorry.



If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.  I try to answer all comments within 24 hours.








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