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My wife and I came across Wealthy Affiliate separately.  I had been discouraged by a previous program that charged $100 to start.   I felt it left you hanging and she asked me to please take another look at Wealthy Affiliate.  I am so glad I did.  I believe Wealthy Affiliate is a real way to learn how to start an Online Business.  No pressure and No large outlay of cash.  You will get a true pathway to success.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you join a community of Entrepreneurs who help one another.  People like yourself, looking for that avenue to financial independence, extra money in retirement or for every day living, or just a way to be your own boss.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name:  Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Ranking:  9 out of 10

Cost:  $0 for Starter Membership- no cost to try it

Who it’s for:  Novice to Expert

Owners:  Kyle and Carson

Website:  http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com


What is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a University, a community, a training ground, a set of tools to build a site, a business.  In other words it’s more of a place to help you to reach your goals than a product itself.  Even at the free Starter membership, there are training classes and access to a community eager to help.




  • Its a Community:  When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you are greeted by the owners Kyle and Carson and many of the members.  In addition, there is a whole community of WAer’s who are anxious to help you and themselves.  You ask the community a question and receive a number of answers to help you.  At the same time, WAer’s who don’t know the answer read the same answers you do and also learn.  It is an incredibly powerful tool.


  • Training:  Getting started has a group of 10 lessons in Level 1 on building a website and business.  If you decide to join as a Premier member there are 4 more levels of training to help you plus almost 1000 more searchable modules.


  • Free Websites:  As a Starter member you get 2 free siterubix.com websites.  You  get the tools with which to build your site such as WordPress with several pre-set themes to choose from.  Premium members get over 1000 more themes and 25 free websites including hosting of your own domains.



I have not found any real negatives as of this time.  Perhaps the fact that you have to do the work.  You are shown how and given the tools but you must do it.  That’s not really a negative, it would be true for any program.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to start or expand an online business.  The novice will get the tools and help to choose a niche market, start and maintain a website.  Learn how to get it ranked in search engines etc.  The experienced or expert will  benefit from the tools as well, along with the websites and the expanse of the WA Community.  No matter how good you are you can always learn and someone in the WA community will show you something you didn’t know. There are many people who have joined Wealthy Affiliate even though they have had an Online Presence for a few years.  They continue to learn and became part of a great network of both successful and fledgling entrepreneurs.


Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools

Wealthy Affiliate has multi-level comprehensive training modules.  Free starter members get a series of lessons in Level 1.  Premium members get many more levels of training.  In all there are almost 1000 training modules, which you can search and access.  There are also weekly on-line training webinars which are recorded so they can be reviewed or seen if you happen to miss one.  Question and answer periods occur after the webinar.  Organized training classes on specific topics and interactive discussions are also offered.  A world wide audience ensures that discussions occur 24 hours a day 364 days a year.  It is not unusual for me to be on the site at 2 AM PST.

Tools to build and maintain your website such as WordPress, a myriad of themes and keyword search tool such as Jaaxy.  Jaaxy, in my opinion, is the best keyword search tool on the net.

Below is a list of the Level 1 lessons included in the free membership:

Courses Level 1



Wealthy Affiliate provides an amazing amount of support.  The classes are always available and the discussions take place 24 hours a day.  In addition the owners, Kyle and Carson are available to you as well.  They are truly active and in communication with the membership.  It is amazing how many questions can be answered by the WA community.


$0 to Start and try Wealthy Affiliate.

$47/ month or $359 yearly is the cost to become a Premium member which gets you many additional levels of training and 25 websites which includes hosting of your own domains.


Join Wealthy Affiliate it’s free $0

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