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Last weekend we were visited by friends from the East Coast.  We had a wonderful time with them going out to restaurants and just enjoying one another’s company.  On Saturday we had a barbeque and invited our grown children and grandchildren who live locally.  Our friends go back 40 plus years and they wanted to see our grandchildren whom they had never met.  It was fun reminiscing about the past.


Like my wife and I, they are retired and trying to enjoy “The Good Life”.  They spoke of some cruises they were on in the past few years and how much fun they are having since they retired.  We all agreed that after 40 plus years of commuting to our jobs and putting our best foot forward, we earned the right to join our fellow Senior Citizens and play, while we still have our health!


Our friends left on Monday and we were sorry to see them leave.  However, we did speak about the possibility of joining them on a cruise in the future.  Perhaps even 2016.


Of course all this takes money.  Some people have a pension, although it is usually not enough in itself.  Then we have Social Security, 401K’s from our jobs, IRA’s if we were able (and smart enough) and general savings.  For some this can be enough but for many, retirement means scaling back and not being able to do all the things you would like.  Not an over the top lifestyle but a reasonable vacation or being able to help with a grandchild’s college expenses.  Whatever it may be.


My wife and I had very much been enjoying our retirement and enjoy our life.  However, there are always some extra things that we might like to do that didn’t fall within our budget.  We felt we needed extra income but did not want to commit to getting jobs.  Besides, without commuting long distances, there aren’t too many jobs available.  I fortunately have been able to do some consulting during my retirement but although it pays well, it can be sporadic and not be counted on for steady income.


My wife started looking for ideas to get extra retirement income.  Perhaps something we could do together on the Internet.  You see all these ads about working from home part time.  Name your own hours, etc.  Most of it looks to good to be true, but we looked into it.  We did learn about the kinds of things you can do to earn money on the internet but many of the programs cost money to sign up, then thousands of dollars to get the help needed to start earning.  We felt left high and dry.


Then my wife stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and asked me to check it out.  I read the reviews and then we went to the sight.  Sure enough you could join for free.  There were training classes, free web hosting and a helpful community of people like us, looking for supplemental income or a way to fully replace their job.  We joined, immediately started the first level of training classes and within a week took the next step to premium membership for a reasonable monthly cost.


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has the potential to enable us to enjoy our golden years without financial concerns.  It’s a way to increase our income, while being part of an amazing international community.  Not only can it enable us to “play”, it also keeps us intellectually stimulated with a continued feeling of success and usefulness.  It actually brings my wife and I together in yet one more way and that is an unexpected bonus.


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