How to Work from Home Effectively

Desktop_computerThere are many reasons to want to work from home.  You have a family to take care of and need flexible hours.  You have a full time job and need extra income.  You just want to be your own boss.  I’m sure you can add more or at least your reason if I haven’t listed it.


Working from Home can have its pitfalls

The name of the game is discipline.  As in almost everything in life, as you sow, so shall you reap.  You must put the time in, in order to reap the benefits.  Get rich quick schemes tend to be schemes and not reality.  What ever you choose to do, to be successful, will take hard work and dedication.  More hours than you may anticipate both in the infancy stage of your business and in the growth or maintenance stage.


Look at the following examples and suggested solutions

  • Your plan is to spend the entire day on your internet business.  You get up in the morning, didn’t set an alarm, there is no starting time.  You make a pot of coffee, sit at the kitchen table, get the newspaper.  Before you know it 2 hours are gone and you haven’t dressed or cleaned up.  You obviously haven’t started working.  EH!

You need to consider your home business venture as a job.  You need to set an alarm, get up and begin your day.  I am not a fast morning starter.  I need to wake up and relax.  Therefore I need to set a time limit and a start time for my work.  Limit the morning pre-work to say 1 hour.  You must treat this like a job!


  • You come home from your regular job planning to work on your home internet business.  You had a rough day andstock-illustration-63268639-children-jumping are tired so you pour a drink and sit down to relax.  If you have a family, you eat with them and perhaps get involved in family life.  Totally normal.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  EH!

Again, you need to have a place to work and set a time to start work.  Maybe with your family and dinner you won’t start until 8 or 9 o’clock.  You must adhere to the time.  You can set a quitting time also based upon the time you need to go to bed.  Consistently putting in 2 -3 hours per night will be much better and accomplish more than catch as catch can.


  • You believe you can work at your home business around other things.  You don’t have set hours, days, times.  Somehow, something always comes up.  EH!

This follows and is similar to the 2 previous pitfalls.  If you want to have a successful home business you need a plan which includes how and when you will work at it.  Even if you say I can only work at on Saturday afternoons between 1 and 5, that is better than not having set hours.


  • I’ve known people who did not have the discipline to work from home and had to rent office space so they had a place to go and set hours, etc.

You need to find what will work for you.  My friend below found a home solution without renting office space.

I have a friend who, when he worked his business from home, got up in the morning and did everything one would do if they were going to a job.  Ate, washed, dressed, etc.  Then he went out the front door and walked in the back door and into his home office.  That is how he controlled his discipline and his ability to work from home.


These are things to remember

It is important that you don’t fall into the pitfalls I’ve spoken about above.  However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have flexible hours.  Personally, I have always been a night person.  I’ve never worked at night but I always stayed up late starting as a teenager.  Nowadays, I have digestive problems and need to stay up for hours after eating.  I do get in a recliner and wind up napping but when I wake up after an hour or so I get on my laptop and start to work.  Last night I started this post at 2 AM.  I was also on Jaaxy, the best keyword search tool I’ve found, looking up keywords.  In other words, I love to play golf and do so usually 3 times a week on set days and times.  I build my work time around that.  Isn’t it wonderful to be working at a business that allows you the flexibility to do this.  Now, your assignment is to have the discipline to put in the required hours to make things happen, to be successful.



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