How to be an Online Entrepreneur

The word Entrepreneur comes from the French Entreprendre and is defined in the dictionary as: a person who organizes, operates and assumes the risk for business ventures.

I will define Entrepreneuring (which is a coined word) as: the act of becoming an entrepreneur.

You need to be aware that the successful entrepreneurs are those who really work at it.  They get an idea and run with it and are not afraid to fail.  Any failure they encounter is turned into a positive lesson.

Being a successful Online Entrepreneur will take dedicated time and energy.  The more time you put into it the quicker you will see results.  Successful Entrepreneurs work at their venture full time.  If done on the side because they have another job so they can eat, they give up or minimize rest or leisure or socializing.

There are other pitfalls to possibly working from home or as a second job (but you’re the boss).  Please read my Post How to Work from Home Effectively.

The purpose of this website is to help people who would like to start making money using the vast resources of the internet.  At first it seems overwhelming and I’m sure you started by researching on Google.  Let us help and breakdown some of the ways to make money using the internet:

  • Direct sales or marketing:  Have a product you make or buy and sell it on the internet, either on your own website or on a platform such as ebay.
  • Drop ship sales:  You buy a product or products someone else has in inventory, sell the product on your own website or on a platform such as ebay and have your supplier drop ship the item to your buyer.
  • Affiliate marketing:  You have a website on which you advertise products or service from a company you become an affiliate of and through a link on your website send your viewer to the appropriate site and receive a commission if it results in a sale.

If you are like my wife and I and are novices at websites etc. it somewhat seems overwhelming and or expensive (pay someone to build you a website).  We looked around at different opportunities which we discovered on Google and even tried 1 or 2.  For us the answer was to start with Affiliate Marketing.

The required steps are:

  1.  Find an interest – your Niche
  2.  Choose an available website name
  3.  Build a website
  4.  Get it ranked in Google
  5.  Become an affiliate for related products.
  • It is much easier and more enjoyable to build a website and populate it with viable content when you are interested in the subject matter.  Therefore, your Niche should be something you enjoy or have a real interest in.


  • Choose a name based upon your Niche and go to a web domain host such as Namecheap or Godaddy, etc.  See if your chosen name is available.  If not choose another similar name until you find one that is available.  When you do, you can buy it for a nominal fee.  You can also have them host your domain for a fee.


  • To build your website you can use a program like WordPress.  Your website needs to consist of information on the subject matter – something like authority pages and then a series of Posts or Blogs, keeping your website up with current content.  This is why the subject matter should be of interest to you.  On these Pages and Posts you insert advertisements for your Marketing Affiliates.


  • You need to get your website ranked in Google, Bing, etc.  To do this your website needs to contain verbiage, titles, keywords that are used by people searching for things on Google, etc.  There are a number of programs that help with this but in our opinion, the best Keyword  program is Jaaxy.


  • Many companies and websites have Affiliate programs.  For example Amazon, which has a large net presence, has an Affiliate program.  You apply to be an Affiliate and if approved, you insert appropriate adds into you website. You use your Affiliate link so Amazon knows you sent the prospective buyer.  You will be surprised at how many companies have Affiliate programs.


If you feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t feel bad.  What you are missing is help and training.  My wife and I felt the same way.

Then we found Wealthy Affiliate.  In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate has the best training and support system in the business.

Check out Our Recommendation page for full details on Wealthy Affiliate.


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