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The other day my wife had dinner with a close friend.  Our friend and her husband have two children who have graduated from college and are now attending graduate school.  Our friends paid for both of their children’s undergraduate school expenses.  Now that they are in graduate school, they both obtained financial aid through student loans but that doesn’t cover all the expenses of being away at school.



Our friends daughter is in her first year of graduate school in Berkeley.  The cost of an apartment in that city is quite expensive, especially since safety is a main concern.  That fact drives the cost up considerably, an added $300 per month.  Their daughter is an excellent student who works hard to earn good grades.  That’s how she was able to get into the University of California at Berkeley graduate program.  Although our friends, her parents, are helping with her living expenses, she is looking for a way to contribute to her expenses.  Needless to say, she is searching for a job that will have flexible hours.  Ideally, she would like a job she could do from her apartment and, therefore, save time commuting back and forth.


We have known our friends daughter, Sabrina, since she was born.  She is bright, hardworking and wants to do her best to succeed in life.  It would be so sad to learn that a lack of financial aid for an unemployed student prohibited her from following her dreams.  She graduated from college with honors, while keeping a small job.  Unfortunately, her graduate school requires more flexibility, attending classes both day and evening.  She is also involved in study groups, which allow her even less flexible time.

When my wife came home, she told me about the dinner conversation with our friend and we discussed this young women’s problem.  We realized that obviously she is not alone in her situation.  There are so many students in graduate school and undergraduate school who really need additional money for their expenses.  Some can arrange their schedules to allow getting a part time job.  Some employers are willing to work with these students and move their work schedule around based upon their school schedule.  I had a student who worked for me during most of his college career, from what started as a summer job.  We worked with him, changing his schedule as he needed.  Of course, working like that did cause him to extend his college to more than 4 years but he got his degree and actually had a leg up on other graduates because of his real work experience.


Looking at the situation, we discussed the possibility of students working from home on the internet.  Not too long ago, we joined a wonderful online community called Wealthy Affiliate (WA).  Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme and requires an investment in time and work to make it pay off.  We believe it is a wonderful way to earn money at one’s own pace.  It is the kind of program that might not help a lot during the first year, but has the potential to earn the needed expense money in the following years, as long as one is willing to keep at it.


Wealthy Affiliate is free to join at the basic level.  It is sometimes referred to as Wealthy Affiliate University because of the extensive training classes offered.  It is a program that truly teaches you what you need to do to earn money on the internet.  It teaches you how to build a website and allows you to build your own website all for free.  You can put in as much or as little time as your life style allows.  It is filled with an amazing community of people who care and want to help each other succeed.  Sabrina , for example, or any other student, could put more time into this program during school breaks and less time during exams.  She would be her own boss and could work according to her schedule and time management on any given week.


Wealthy Affiliate is a program that has changed the lives of many people.  It can make things possible that you thought would be impossible before.  In this day and age, where higher education is becoming almost a necessity, WA just might be an answer for the many struggling students in the world.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a solution that would allow and encourage more gifted young adults to pursue higher education and, thereby, become major contributors to society in the future.


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