Fall is Sweater Weather – At Last

My wife and I live in California, and that means it takes a while longer for Fall weather to arrive than it does in many other states.  Maureen is not a fan of our summers, due to the high temperatures we experience in our neck of the woods.  She anxiously anticipates the return of cooler days and her walks around our Lake.  Once the temperature reaches a high of 70,…

November 2, 2015

Fun Things to do with Grandchildren

The other day my wife and I needed to run a few errands.  In travelling from store to store, we couldn’t help noticing that many stores are already decorating for Christmas.  We were enjoying the many Halloween decorations, but Christmas?  It’s like this time of year has turned into the “Hallow-giving-mas” season.   We have a large immediate family and are fortunate enough to live relatively close.  We are able to get…

October 27, 2015

Making Extra Income in Retirement

Last weekend we were visited by friends from the East Coast.  We had a wonderful time with them going out to restaurants and just enjoying one another’s company.  On Saturday we had a barbeque and invited our grown children and grandchildren who live locally.  Our friends go back 40 plus years and they wanted to see our grandchildren whom they had never met.  It was fun reminiscing about the past.  …

October 18, 2015